Mergers and Acquisitions
in the Language Services Industry

Do you want to break through a business plateau with inorganic growth? Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) have become one of the main corporate tools for companies looking to produce big wins. It’s not simple though: bringing organizations together through M&A is among the most complex business activities. We assist small and medium-sized sellers and buyers at every step of the way, providing guidance on M&A transactions.

Getting Ready for M&A

As Mergers & Acquisitions become increasingly popular within the Language Industry, many small and medium-sized company owners are now considering it as the option to drive exponential growth or capitalize on the effort of a lifetime.

Coming around to the idea of M&A means answering every possible question you may have along the way:

Looking to sell your company?

When selling your company, a blind teaser is one of the most important documents you will create in the entire process. It is often the first thing a potential buyer will be presented with and will help them form their first impression of your company.

A look at some recent deals in the language services industry

Lexcera: The right strategic move for t'works

The deal reinforces t’works aims for expansion in Europe, considering that 35–40% of their customers are already located outside Germany.

ElaN Languages and OneLiner opted for merger over full-acquisition

A merger is a good fit when both companies share an excellent reputation in their respective markets. The new group combines EUR 13m in revenue and looks to tap on the government tender market.

By acquiring NZTC, Strakers continues to extend its presence in the Asia Pacific region

In February 2020 Straker acquired local rival New Zealand Translation Centre Limited International for USD 1.1m — 0.4x revenues.

The Key Drivers for M&A

The transaction bases within the language services industry follow the same logic as M&A in other industries and vertical markets.

What do you look for as a buyer?

What do you look for when selling or merging?

How We Can Help

Are you a small or medium-sized Language Service Provider (LSP) looking for opportunities in Europe with significant upside potential? If so, we can help you understand how M&A might serve your longer-term goals. We offer both Business Broker and M&A Advisory Services.

Business Broker Services

We work with Buyers to understand their goals and identify quality companies for sale to acquire.